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It’s that time of year. Spring is in the air, a season to embrace spiritual renewal. Hoards of God’s people are excited to walk in their season, declare the struggle is over or receive their divine appointment while sharing the message hope. Those who’ve been wounded and the un-churched altogether are desperately seeking answers. They are searching for truth that can address their spiritual dysfunction while simultaneously providing the deliverance needed to move forward. They want peace, love and serenity within the arms of loving saints. The desire to connect with intercessors who will pray for their needs prevails in the back of their minds. A longing for the ability to confide in leadership when their burdens are heavy exist for many.

However instead of finding solace in the body of Christ, many are finding out that blessings are merely for sale. Recently I attended an event in which a renowned prophet was the keynote speaker. He was impeccably dressed, well spoken and full of the word. The church was overflowing with many who needed Godly direction; the atmosphere charged with expectancy. They came by way of bus, car pool and a few arrived on foot to have an audience with the prophet. They came to hear a Rhema word from him and he was endorsed not only by the leadership of the host church, but also by the local clergy. As the evening progressed he gave his message that discussed the current dispensation that we are facing as a body. He talked about wealth being laid up for the just and the long awaited “wealth transfer” for those who are in a financial struggle. The buzz word seemed to have been “wealth transfer” which he assured everyone was on the horizon. He then stopped in mid sentence to redirect his thoughts and began to prophesy over the top successes for only the clergy in attendance. The ushers were instructed to seat any pastor, bishop, apostle or anyone who was so spiritual they could levitate at will on the front row. The faith level of those in the sanctuary was now at an all time high. Everyone silently prayed that the man of God would call them out for a personal word. The tension was so thick a knife would have been dulled, and then it happened. In the middle of this seemingly spiritual moment, he made an appeal for funds. He grimaced as if his brain hurt to hear God’s instruction. He’s now heard God, then announces to the people God said everyone should give seventy seven dollars! He also adds if anyone didn’t have that amount give as close to that amount as possible. If God called for everyone to give seventy seven, seems to me He’d make sure everyone had that amount. No ministry or word was given to the masses that gave the seventy seven dollars and many came forward with funds in hand. According to his actions, God only sent a word to the leaders.

This old tactic to manipulate people into giving is deplorable and making those of us who are truly hearing God’s heart sick to the stomach.

God’s desire is for the entire body to be blessed and He doesn’t charge for them. This applies to the most holy right reverend as well as new converts. Love offerings should be bestowed among those that labor in the Kingdom with the heart of God. Believers must become better financial stewards while fine tuning their discernment. We shouldn’t sow into con artist prophets who make blessings something to be bought at offering time. The prophet simply confirms the word God has already spoken in our hearts.

When will we stop allowing charlatans who regularly exploit the name of Jesus from ripping us off?

The for profit prophet is in business because we allow ourselves to be exploited. Their gloom and doom “you won’t be blessed unless you sow into me” threats coerce many into handing over money that was delegated for other life sustaining needs. If we are to confront and shut down the “blessings for sale ministry”, swift action must commence.

1. Make the decision to grow up spiritually. Spiritual maturity doesn’t just happen. As with any relationship, time must be invested to hear God’s heart. Once this commitment is made to pursue meat instead of milk, real spiritual development can begin (1 Peter 2:2).

2. Develop a rock solid prayer life. Prophets for profit take advantage of Request prophetic word weak believers who have a poor or non-existent prayer life. These are people that salivate for a word from anyone because they’ve become too lazy to get on their knees for themselves. The itching ears syndrome will lead to spiritual death (2 Tim 4:3). Stop being hood winked! Let’s seek the face of God for ourselves and stop encouraging the work of familiar spirits that operate for profit. Realize this: the called of God can’t eat from every prophet’s table.

3. Study, study, then study some more! The work of a true prophet is to edify, exhort and comfort (I Cor 14:3). If we fail to study the word of God, we will never be able to identify the lecherous thief from the righteous minister who comes to bless us (2 Tim 2:15). Study gives us the rod by which we can inspect the fruit of a minister.

4. Stop supporting unsavory renegades! We must be better overseers over our money. If we continue to pay the circus, they’ll keep coming to town! No payment. No performance. Period!

5. Prepare for warfare! When we alert others to the tactics of manipulative prophets for profit don’t be naive, EXPECT opposition. You will be identified as a rebellious, selfish outcast who is slandering the “man or woman of God”. Choose to demand holiness from leaders or don’t sit under them. If you have to live holy, shouldn’t they?

The body needs true prophets that have eyes fixed on what God deems important, not another Lexus. Prophets are assets only when they are fully yielded vessels. There are far too many wounded souls who’ve suffered at the hands of phony leaders that entertain them for a dollar. The sacrilegious act of scaring up offerings must be halted so real ministry can begin. Our worship must exude a purity that hasn’t been infected with even a hint of worldly pursuits. This is essential in this season where seducers exist among us looking for opportunities to deceive. In order to differentiate the authentic pearls from the costume jewelry we must strengthen our relationship with the Father. The tools of study, fasting and intercessory prayer must dominate our time if we are to prevail. Ministry will begin when members in the body get sick and tired of feel nauseous at the announcement of a prophet in the city. The cry for a true move of the Holy Ghost will guide us into truth; even in a climate where deception seems to be the norm.

Let’s work together in love to take down the sign that reads, “Blessings For Sale”…

Be encouraged and blessed child of the most high God.

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