Easter Celebrations

Easter is celebrated in many countries around the world. As one of the most important Christian festivals, this joyous time is one of holidays, festivities and giving, particularly chocolate Easter eggs and flowers. It’s a time for families and friends to come together in celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

The significance of Easter
Easter is one of the oldest and most important Christian celebrations. Commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this moveable feast is always celebrated on the first Sunday following a full moon, varying from March 22nd to April 25th at the latest. During this time churches and homes are decorated and filled with bright and beautiful floral arrangements, specifically the Easter Lily.

The reason why the Easter Lily is the traditional Easter flower is that according to Christian beliefs, lilies sprung up where, in Christ’s last hours of sorrow and distress, His sweat fell to the ground. They are used to decorate churches during this time of celebration for his resurrection, symbolising life, hope, forgiveness, purity and virtue.

Easter has two significant days: Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Good Friday precedes Easter Sunday where Christians attend mass to commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion followed by family gatherings as a way to say thank you that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins.

On Easter Sunday family and friends will attend mass to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The festivities of Easter Sunday frequently include a big festive family meal, Easter egg hunting, and the giving of Easter gifts and floral arrangements. Homes are decorated with elaborate Easter themes.

During Lent, a time of fasting preceding Easter treats are often forbidden, but on Easter Sunday the elders of the family and friends are given the opportunity to hide Easter eggs in and around the house while the younger generations begin their hunt for the hidden eggs. According to Christian beliefs Easter eggs symbolise new life, which by Jesus Christ’s resurrection, people are given eternal life.

Easter gifts and floral arrangements
Since Easter is a time of giving, a bright heart-warming floral arrangement is considered to be the perfect gift of nature. During the Easter holidays, the coming of spring is also celebrated in the northern hemisphere, while countries in the southern hemisphere, like South Africa, welcome autumn after a long hot summer.

Easter floral arrangements’ styles are both formal and informal designed with Easter themes. The Easter Lily is mostly used as the main flower in bouquets however other flowers such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are also associated with Easter. These beautiful bright flowers are perfect to celebrate Easter, and the coming of spring or autumn.

Easter gifts are also given to family and friends during this time. A gift hamper is ideal for this festive season filled with all kinds of Easter goodies. Easter chocolates are always a must, since both young and old can enjoy these titbits, while candles and flowers are used to decorate the table for the big Happy Easter family meal.

There are many reasons to celebrate the Easter holiday season. It’s a time to strengthen the unity between family and friends, to come together in celebration of new life!

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