Hex Dumbbells – 6 Tips on Choosing the Right One For Your Gym

So many people engage in cardiovascular exercise like running, walking and jumping with and without fitness equipment in the belief that these activities are sufficient for general health. However, we all need resistance exercises to build up the bones and muscles necessary to sustain our daily activities including exercises. One of the best forms of resistance exercise is the use of hex dumbbells.

Six-Sided Beauties

Simply put, these are dumbbells with hexagonally-shaped weight plates. (Hexagons are six-sided polygons) There are no major differences between the hex and round-shaped dumbbells when it comes to weight simply because both are designed to provide resistance during exercise. Just swap the weight plates for a lighter or heavier load with the assumption that you are using adjustable dumbbells.

The main difference lies in the shape of the weight plate itself. Since it is hexagonal, the chances for accidents brought by rolling plates are lessened. Your traffic path, so to speak, will be freer than usual with the round-headed dumbbells. Plus, you will find that it is easier to stack hex dumbbells.

Other benefits of these kinds of dumbbells are the knurled patterns on the grip that allows for a firmer hold as well as the beveled edges that prevent snagging accidents. hex dumbbells We also suggest looking for dumbbells with raised numbers for the specific weights especially when the paint can wear off in time.

If you can afford dumbbells with anti-corrosion measures like chrome, then go for it. The additional money spent on said dumbbells will be worth it when even your kids and grandkids will be able to use them.

Indeed, these dumbbells are six-sided beauties. You just need to know how to choose and then use them properly to ensure good performance for a lifetime.

Six Tips

When choosing hex dumbbells, keep in mind the following six tips:


  • Choose according to your budget. You may have to settle for something more affordable but you need not sacrifice too much for quality. Just like other purchases, dumbbells require shopping savvy.
  • Buy the dumbbells in varying weights. You may start with a few weight plates but as your strength grows so does your need for heavier loads.
  • Check the grip. You want to ensure that the grip is comfortable in your hands, which the knurled patterns are important in.
  • Test the adjusting mechanism. This is only true for the adjustable hex dumbbells since the fixed dumbbells have their weight plates permanently attached. Just make sure that the adjusting mechanism is easy to operate since you want quick changes during exercises to sustain the momentum.
  • If possible, choose the rubber-coated or neoprene-coated dumbbells especially when you will be using them in marble, tiles and wooden floors. When dropped, steel dumbbells can damage the floor’s materials.
  • Ask for help. A personal trainer is often necessary during the first few uses of the dumbbells. Improper form and technique can lead to injuries that could have been avoided with a few simple changes as advised by the professionals.


Indeed, hex dumbbells should be part of an exerciser’s gym equipment. Your muscles in the arms and shoulders will definitely benefit from the movements while your body will get its share of workout, too.

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