The Best HIIT Jump Rope Workout

The jump rope may be one of the best pieces of fitness equipment. It is a necessity for anyone who exercises at home. If you’re not an experienced jump rope user go out and buy one now. It may be challenging at first but you will get better quickly and then you’ll have a great deal of fun jumping rope

What you’ll want to know before you purchase a jump rope:

• The jump rope ought to be long enough that when you stand on the center of the rope with both feet you can lift the handles up to your underarms. A lot of jump ropes claim to be adjustable, but there are numerous complaints that modifying them is no simple feat.

• Speed ropes do not include the plastic beads protecting the rope. Speed ropes can be a lot of fun when you are a competent jumper, but they sting when you hit your legs

• Speed ropes have a tendency to snap if they are utilized frequently on a high friction surface like concrete or gravel. If you purchase a speed rope, protect your purchase by only jumping on smooth or soft surfaces.

• If you’re only planning on jumping rope at home and you want a resilient rope then get a rope with plastic beads protecting the rope. Sure it does not look as hip, but it will be a lot more resilient and when you’re jumping rope at your house who are you trying to impress anyway?

Several important jump roping terms:

1. Basic Jump – Jump with both feet at the same time over the rope. This is the beginning stage for most novices. Try not to double hop for each revolution of the rope. Instead, you should eventually be able to jump rope at a speed where the rope passes under your feet for every jump.

2. One Foot Jump – Jump over the rope while standing on one foot. Usually 2- 5 jumps are completed prior to switching to the other foot.

3. Alternate Foot Jump – This looks a lot more like running in place. Your feet alternate jumping over the rope. You should use a different foot for each revolution of the rope. You should have the ability to do this quite a bit faster than the basic jump.

4. Double Under – To execute a double under, the individual needs to jump up higher than usual and swing the rope rapidly so that it completes two revolutions with one jump. This may be hard to master in the beginning, but eventually you can get to the point where you are able to do continuous double unders without stopping.

HIIT Jump Rope Workout:


Carry out 200 jumps utilizing both feet. The pace ought to feel comfortable; you are not going for speed. In case you falter, do not fret; just begin once more counting from where you left off.

Complete 200 One Foot digital jump rope completing two hops before switching to the other foot.

Interval 1:

Carry out 150 basic jumps. This time go as quickly as possible, but make sure you are not going so quick that you keep snagging the rope with your feet. Should you snag the rope three or more times before reaching 150 then you’re most likely attempting to go faster than your proficiency will permit. After reaching 150 speed jumps, complete 50 jumps at an active resting pace. This pace will need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Take two small hops per one revolution of the rope if it helps you to slow down. You really cannot go too slowly throughout active recovery, but try not to come to a full stop if you can help it.

Interval 2:

As rapidly as possible, complete 150 one foot jumps, jumping twice on every foot prior to switching to the other. After reaching 150 one foot jumps, complete 50 jumps at your active resting pace. Use double hopping jumps if it aids you to slow your pace.

Interval 3:

Perform 150 alternate foot jumps as fast as possible by running in place while jump roping. Right after reaching 150 speed jumps, carry out 50 jumps at your active resting pace.

Interval 4:

(Advanced Jumpers Only) As fast as possible, finish 150 double unders. After reaching 150 jumps, perform 50 jumps at your active resting pace.

Repeat beginning from Interval 1.

Cycle through these intervals until you’ve reached your predetermined time. This can be a terrific 15-20 minute exercise routine. It really gets your heart rate up and uses up a ton of calories in a brief amount of time. You can use this HIIT routine when your schedule is a bit tighter than normal but you still want to cram in a quick fat loss workout.

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