Top 5 Worst Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, then you probably leave buying Christmas gifts for Mum, Dad, Grandad, Uncle Stuart, and so on, until the very last minute. I have to salute those uber-organised folks who start their Crimbo shopping in the spring, or shop sporadically throughout the year. As much as I wish I could be a bit more like that, I never will be.

Often, Christmas ’tis the season to give tacky, cheap or badly chosen presents. Some are so awful that you’d rather have received a lump of coal. Nonetheless, year after year, you receive these shoddy gifts graciously, with the sweetest smile you can muster, and put the people who gave them to you on your “crap list” forever.

I’m not an overly fussy or unappreciative person, but when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for grandparents, boys and all that, I’ve figured presents are more about sentiment than the price tag. And this year, I’m going to try my best to think about what the person actually wants as opposed to splurging needlessly.

When you do come to thinking about Christmas stocking fillers and pressies, try to avoid any of the below. Even I would be pretty disappointed if I received any of these…

5. Toiletries. Reckon these make unusual Christmas presents? One word for you: cliché. Whether given as Christmas gifts for girls, your hubby or the lovely lady in your life, they’ll only take the tacky toiletries to a charity shop. Plus, are you trying to tell them they smell?!

4. Woolly Christmas-themed jumpers. Sigh.Ugly knitted jumpers emblazoned with Rudolph or Santa ain’t cool. You might as well hand ’em a pair of reindeer antlers and a Santa hat as well. The one time this comes in useful is for a pre-Christmas party. Ultimately, this means waiting a whole year to use the present, and by that time, it probably won’t even fit them.

3. Fruitcake. What?! Even if it’s homemade, no one likes fruitcake! Nobody will eat it unless they’re completely blottoed and don’t know any better. Then probably eat the whole thing and puke. Whether you were thinking of giving these to Grandpa Joe or Aunty Susan, do not – and I repeat – DO NOT even think about it. It just implies you didn’t have time to find ’em something special. As for homemade chocolate fudge cake or strawberry cheesecake, now that’s another kettle of fish entirely…

2. Framed photos of you. You might as well say: “I’m beautiful/handsome, and now you can look at me hanging on your wall every day.” Even if you’re convinced these would make great Christmas gifts for him or her, they won’t unless he/she is your other half or Mum. No one really wants your framed pictures. Get over it.

1. Bathroom scales. These are quite possibly the worst Christmas gifts for her, him, whether she’s your girlfriend or he’s your Dad – you might as well say: “you’re fat.” There is never any excuse to give bathroom scales as Christmas gifts for Dad, your best friend or indeed fat-so Joe.

So don’t offend anyone this festive season with the above ideas. Hit the mark with personalised Christmas gifts instead. There are two reasons for this, really. Firstly, you’re not going to get a heart attack from standing in a colossal queue in Thorntons or Smiths, because peeps, these gift ideas are all sitting very nicely online.

Secondly, all these pressies are split into sections, i.e. personalised Christmas gifts for girls, unusual Christmas gifts, so it’s a walk in the park. And finally, you can personalise your gift with their name and a special message. Hey presto.

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