What Makes London Such a Great City to Study?

London is probably one of world’s greatest cities to study. Every year, almost 420,000 students, from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, come to study in London. And since London is home to many great universities and business schools, it attracts the very best highly educated graduates, from all fields of study.

Particularly when it comes to business education, London is the place to be. Consider that 99% of the earth’s business activity is located in time zones that overlap with London’s working day. With such demand, it comes as no surprise that the capital is a dynamic hub of leading business schools, like London Business School, financial institutions and global companies. This ecosystem provides unmatched networking and career opportunities.

Home to students from over 200 different nations and 50 non-indigenous communities, London is arguably the most culturally diverse capital in the world, proclaimed, by New York magazine, as the “capital of the 21st century”. Coming to study in London is a fantastic opportunity, as it opens the door to creating an international network of friends and colleagues, while enjoying the exploration of new cultures, new traditions and even new culinary experiences.

Outside of business schools in london, the city is full of surprises. Whatever your interests are, you will always be able to find what you are looking for. London has an inspiring historical elegance, blended with new modern influences. If you are interested in art, there are more than 240 museums and 180 theatres to choose from. If you want to get away from the busy centre, a walk along the Thames offers a tranquil escape. If you want to have a romantic candle-lit dinner, you can pick any of the 60 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. On every level, London delivers; art, fashion, shopping, sports, entertainment, anything you can think of.

The cherry on the top is that you can do all of the above, using the city’s world-class transportation system. The famous London tube transports 1.1 billion people annually and connects the whole city. On the other hand, if you are not a “tube” person, there are over 8,000 “Boris Bikes” available to ride all over the city.

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